Town of NaicamLocation of Naicam in Saskatchewan Coordinates: 52°25′12″N 104°30′03″W / 52.419932°N 104.500966°W / 52.419932; -104.500966 Country Canada Province Saskatchewan Federal Electoral District Saskatoon-Humboldt Census division 14 Provincial Electoral District Melfort Rural Municipality Pleasantdale No. 398 Government  • Mayor Rodger Hayward  • Administrator Janelle Scott  • MP Brad Trost  • MLA Rod Gantefoer Area  • Total 1.69 km2 (0.65 sq mi) Population (2006)  • Total 690  • Density 407.9/km2 (1,056/sq mi) Time zone CST Postal code S0K 2Z0 Area code(s) 306 Highways Highway 6, Highway 349 Website Town of Naicam [1][2][3] Naicam is a small town in rural Saskatchewan. It is located 224 km (139 mi) north of the province’s capital city, Regina. In 2006 the population was 690.[4] Naicam receives several radio stations from both Saskatoon and Regina. The local cable television company for the Naicam area is Image Cable. SaskTel provides cellular service to the area.[5] The Town of Naicam offers water, sewer and power to all households and businesses. Provincial bus service is provided by Saskatchewan Transit Company (STC). Saskatchewan Highway 6 and Saskatchewan Highway 349 both serve the town. There is a local airstrip located adjacent to the town. Naicam has a Kindergarten to grade 12 school that also serves other communities in the area such as Pleasantdale, Spalding, and Saint Front. Viking Sportsplex is the hub of Naicam’s recreational activity. With an arena playing home to all ages of hockey ranging from junior novice to senior. Hence the arena’s name, all of the hockey teams in the town are called the “Naicam Vikings”. The facility also houses a three sheet curling rink, and a virtual golf simulator. Viking SportsPlexContents 1 Demographics 2 Attractions 3 Businesses 4 ReferencesDemographics[edit] v t e Canada census – Naicam community profile   2011 2006Population: Land area: Population density: Median age: Total private dwellings: Median household income:690 (-9.3% from 2001) 1.69 km2 (0.65 sq mi) 407.9/km2 (1,056/sq mi) 42.4 (M: 38.5, F: 45.5) 362 $53,405References: 2006[6] Attractions[edit] The Pioneer School (c. 1923-8) is a Muni. thanks wikipedia.

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For other uses, see Social (disambiguation).It has been suggested that this article be merged with social (disambiguation). (Discuss) Proposed since September 2014. The term social refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations of humans and other animals. It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.Contents 1 Etymology 2 Definition 3 Social theorists 4 In socialism 5 Modern uses 6 See also 7 References 8 External linksEtymology[edit] The word “Social” derives from the Latin word socii (“allies”). It is particularly derived from the Italian Socii states, historical allies of the Roman Republic (although they rebelled against Rome in the Social War of 91-88 BC). Definition[edit] In the absence of agreement about its meaning, the term “social” is used in many different senses and regarded as a fuzzy concept, referring among other things to: Attitudes, orientations, or behaviors which take the interests, intentions, or needs of other people into account (in contrast to anti-social behaviour) has played some role in defining the idea or the principle. For instance terms like social realism, social justice, social constructivism, social psychology, social anarchism and social capital imply that there is some social process involved or considered, a process that is not there in regular, “non-social” realism, justice, constructivism, psychology, anarchism, or capital. The adjective “social” is also used often in politics, although its meaning in a context depends heavily on who is using it. In left-wing circles it is often used to imply a liberal characteristic, while in right-wing circles it is generally used to imply a conservative characteristic. It should also be noted that, overall, this adjective is used much more often by those on the political left than by those on the political right. For these reasons, those seeking to avoid association with the left-right political debates often seek to label their work with phrases that do not include the word “social”. An example is quasi-empiricism in mathematics which is sometimes labelled social constructivism by those who see it as an unwarranted intrusion of social considerations in mathematical Social theorists[edit] In the view of Karl Marx[1] human beings are intrins. thanks wikipedia.

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Corridors of Power (album)

Corridors of PowerStudio album by Gary Moore Released September 1982 Recorded March – May 1982 at Townhouse Studios Genre Hard rock, heavy metal Length 43:10 (Original LP) 55:50 (2002 CD reissue) Label Virgin Producer Jeff Glixman Gary Moore chronologyLive at the Marquee (1981) Corridors of Power (1982) Rockin’ Every Night – Live in Japan (1983) Singles from Corridors of Power “Always Gonna Love You” Released: September 1982 “End of the World” Released: 1982 (US release only) “Falling in Love with You” Released: February 1983 Alternative coverCorridors of Power is the third solo album by Northern Irish guitarist Gary Moore, released in 1982. It contains a cover of Free’s “Wishing Well”. The first 25,000 vinyl copies of Corridors of Power came with a bonus EP, with three live tracks recorded at the Marquee, London on 25 August 1982. Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic[1]Contents 1 Track listing 2 Personnel2.1 Additional personnel 3 Trivia 4 ReferencesTrack listing[edit] Side one No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. “Don’t Take Me for a Loser”   Moore 4:17 2. “Always Gonna Love You”   Moore 3:56 3. “Wishing Well”   Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, Tetsu Yamauchi, John “Rabbit” Bundrick, Paul Kossoff 4:06 4. “Gonna Break My Heart Again”   Moore 3:19 5. “Falling in Love with You”   Moore 4:52 Side two No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. “End of the World”   Moore 6:53 2. “Rockin’ Every Night”   Moore, Ian Paice 2:48 3. “Cold Hearted”   Moore 5:12 4. “I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow”   Moore 7:47 CD release No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. “Don’t Take Me for a Loser”   Moore 4:17 2. “Always Gonna Love You”   Moore 3:56 3. “Wishing Well”   Rodgers, Kirke, Yamauchi, Bundrick, Kossoff 4:06 4. “Gonna Break My Heart Again”   Moore 3:19 5. “Falling in Love with You”   Moore 4:52 6. “End of the World”   Moore 6:53 7. “Rockin’ Every Night”   Moore, Paice 2:48 8. “Cold Hearted”   Moore 5:12 9. “I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow”   Moore 7:47 2002 remastered CD bonus tracks No. Title Writer(s) Length 10. “Falling in Love with You” (Remix) Moore 4:10 11. “Falling in Love with You” (Remix instrumental) Moore 4:24 12. “Love Can Make a Fool of You”   Moore 4:06 Personnel[edit]Gary Moore – lead and rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals Ian Paice -. thanks wikipedia.

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Antiochus VI Dionysus

Antiochus VI Dionysus KingCoin of Antiochus VI Dionysus. British Museum.Reign Seleucid kingdom: 148–142/1 BC Coin of Antiochus VI. The reverse shows Castor and Polydeuces on horseback. The Greek inscription reads ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ (king Antiochus). The date ΘΞΡ is 169 of the Seleucid era, corresponding to 144–143 BC. Antiochus VI Dionysus (ca. 148–142/1 BC), king of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom, was the son of Alexander Balas and Cleopatra Thea, daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt. Antiochus VI did not actually rule. Either already in 145 or in early 144 BC he was nominated by the general Diodotus Tryphon as heir to the throne in opposition to Demetrius II, and remained the general’s tool.[1] In c. 142/1 BC, the young king died.[2] While some ancient authors make Diodotus Tryphon responsible for the death of the king,[3] others write that he died during a surgery.[4] References[edit] Schürer, E. (1973). A History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ (175 BC- AD 135) (Revised and Edited by G. Vermes and F. Millar ed.). Edinburgh. pp. 183–197.  Footnotes[edit]^ The first coins of the king are dated to the year 144 BC Houghton, Arthur (1992). “The Revolt of Tryphon and the accession of Antiochos VI at Apamea”. SNR 71: 119–41.  ^ The last coinage of Antiochos VI is dated to the year 142/1 BC, see Houghton, Arthur, Lorber, Catherine C, Hoover, Oliver D. (2008), Seleucid Coins: A comprehensive catalogue, Part II: Seleucus IV to Antiochus XIII, 2 Vols, New York/Lancaster PA, Nr. 2020; 2022.3; 2026. ^ Makk. 13.31; Diod. Sic. 33.28; App. Syr. 68. 357; Iust. 36.1.7.; Oros. 5.4.18. ^ Ios. Ant. 13. 218; Liv. per. 55.External links[edit]Antiochus VI entry in historical sourcebook by Mahlon H. SmithRegnal titles Preceded by Alexander Balas Seleucid King 145–142 BC with Demetrius II Nicator (145–138 BC) Succeeded by Diodotus Tryphonv t e Hellenistic rulers ArgeadsPhilip II Alexander III the Great Philip III Arrhidaeus Alexander IV AntigonidsAntigonus I Monophthalmus Demetrius I Poliorcetes Antigonus II Gonatas Demetrius II Aetolicus Antigonus III Doson Philip V Perseus Philip VI (pretender) PtolemiesPtolemy I Soter Ptolemy II Philadelphus Ptolemy III Euergetes Ptolemy IV Philopator Ptolemy V Epiphanes Cleopatra I Syra (regent) Ptolemy VI Philometor Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator Cleopatra II Philometor Soter Ptolemy VIII Physc. thanks wikipedia.

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South Dakota Republican Party

South Dakota Republican Party Chairperson Pam Roberts[1] Senate leader Corey Brown House leader Brian Gosch Headquarters 110 W. Missouri Ave. Pierre, South Dakota 57501 [2] Ideology Conservatism Fiscal conservatism Social conservatism National affiliation Republican Party Colors Red, White, Blue Seats in the Upper House27 / 35Seats in the Lower House58 / 70Website South Dakota GOP The South Dakota Republican Party is the affiliate of the Republican Party in South Dakota. It currently holds, as of 2015, all of the executive offices, the entire federal delegation, and supermajorities in both houses.Contents 1 Current elected officials 2 See also 3 References 4 External linksCurrent elected officials[edit] The South Dakota Republican Party controls all seven statewide offices and holds majorities in the South Dakota Senate and the South Dakota House of Representatives. Republicans also holds both of the state’s U.S. Senate seats and the state’s at-large congressional seat.State Governor: Dennis Daugaard Lieutenant Governor: Matt Michels Secretary of State: Shantel Krebs Attorney General: Marty Jackley State Auditor: Steve Barnett State Treasurer: Rich Sattgast Commissioner of School and Public Lands: Ryan Brunner Federal U.S. SenateJohn R. Thune Mike Rounds U.S. House of RepresentativesKristi Noem, At-Large DistrictSee also[edit]South Dakota Democratic PartyReferences[edit] ^ “Officers | South Dakota GOPSouth Dakota GOP”. Retrieved 2016-01-09.  ^ “Republican Party of South DakotaSouth Dakota GOP | Republican Party of South Dakota”. South Dakota GOP. Retrieved 2012-03-08.  External links[edit]South Dakota Republican Partyv t e United States Republican Party Chairpersons of the RNCMorgan Raymond Ward Claflin Morgan Chandler Cameron Jewell Sabin Jones Quay Clarkson Carter Hanna Payne Cortelyou New Hitchcock Hill Rosewater Hilles Wilcox Hays Adams Butler Work Huston Fess Sanders Fletcher Hamilton Martin Walsh Spangler Brownell Reece Scott Gabrielson Summerfield Roberts Hall Alcorn T. B. Morton Miller Burch Bliss R. Morton Dole Bush Smith Brock Richards Laxalt/Fahrenkopf Reagan/Fahrenkopf Atwater Yeutter Bond Barbour Nicholson Gilmore Racicot Gillespie Mehlman Martínez Duncan Steele Priebus Presidential ticketsFrémont/Dayton Lincoln/Hamlin Lincoln/Johnson Grant/Colfax Grant/Wilson Hayes/Wheeler Garfield/Arthur Blain. thanks wikipedia.

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Gandyab (Persian: گندياب‎‎) may refer to:Gandyab-e Bala Gandyab-e Pain This disambiguation page lists articles about distinct geographical locations with the same name. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. thanks wikipedia.

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T-Shirt (disambiguation)

Look up T-shirt in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A t-shirt is a type of shirt. T-Shirt may also refer to:T Shirt (album), a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III “T-Shirt” (Shontelle song), 2008 “T-Shirt” (Thomas Rhett song), 2016 “T-Shirt” (They Might Be Giants song), a 2005 single This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title T-Shirt. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. thanks wikipedia.

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Sinos River Valley

The Sinos River basin is situated Northeast of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, covering two geomorphologic provinces: the Southern plateau and central depression. It is territory is inside the Guaíba basin and has an area of almost 800 km2, consisted 32 municipalities. Municipalities[edit] Image Sinos River ValleyAraricá Canoas Campo Bom Dois Irmãos Estância Velha Esteio Ivoti Nova Hartz Nova Santa Rita Novo Hamburgo Portão São Leopoldo Sapiranga Sapucaia do Sul This geographical article relating to Rio Grande do Sul is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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Belgrade bypass

Plan of the bypass, with major interchanges:   Existing highways   Section A, Batajnica-Dobanovci   Section B, Dobanovci-Bubanj Potok   Section C, Bubanj Potok-PančevoThe Belgrade city road bypass[1] (Serbian: Обилазница око Београда / Obilaznica oko Beograda) or Belgrade bypass, is a bypass road currently under construction around the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The project is financed from the National Investment Plan, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the European Investment Bank.[2] The total project is estimated at €543 million.[3] The bypass was planned by the Belgrade’s general urban planning, and its parts have been sporadically built for 17 years. However, the works intensified around the end of 2005.[3] Its construction is expected to help alleviate Belgrade’s traffic congestion, and remove all transit traffic from the city center, unloading the critical Gazela and Pančevo Bridges. The total length of the bypass will be 69 kilometres. On January 21, 2012, the Minister of Infrastructure of Serbia Milutin Mrkonjić has said that the Section B of the bypass will be opened for traffic in May 2012, 6 months before scheduled completion.[4] Mrkonjić repeated that promise on February 26, 2012.[5][dated info] Sections[edit] The bypass will consist of three principal sections:Section A: Batajnica–Dobanovci, connecting the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway (E75) on the north and Šid–Belgrade highway on the west (E70), 9.7 km long. Section B: Dobanovci–Bubanj Potok, connecting E70 with the southbound Belgrade-Niš highway (E75), 37.3 km long – partly finished (from Dobanovci to Orlovača) Section C: Bubanj Potok–Vinča–Starčevo (near Pančevo), 22 km long, crossing the Danube across a new bridge.[6]Part of Section B from Dobanovci to Orlovača was finished and opened for traffic in October 2008.[7] All heavy trucks were banned on Gazela bridge in March 2010, effectively redirecting all truck transit over the Section B.[8] Section A was opened for traffic in May 2012, along with the Orlovača–Straževica part of the Section B.[9] Batajnica interchange, the origin of section A, is still incomplete, with only one side of the viaduct in operation. Of the section B, the part between Straževica tunnel and Bubanj potok is still under construction, operating as single carriageway. Section B, spanning the hilly terrain, will include. thanks wikipedia.

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Jerome Allen

Jerome Allen may refer to:Jerome Allen (author) (1830–1894), American educator and author Jerome Allen (basketball) (born 1973), American college basketball coach and former NBA playerSee also[edit]Allen (surname) This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. thanks wikipedia.

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